Responsible Lending Benefits Everyone

Truth In Lending
NFS follows and promotes Fair Lending Laws to and for all Borrowers. All lenders associated with NFS have agreed to adhere to all Federal and State laws regarding the Fair Lending Laws.

All Lenders must disclose in writing to the Borrower; the interest rate, loan term, all fee's charged and other information pertaining to the loan before the Borrower accepts the loan.

Fair Lending Practice
In accordanance to the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act (Pub.L. 111-203, H.R. 4173) which was signed into federal law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010 All Lenders, Non-Bank Lenders and Other Financiers shall participate in "Fair-Lending".

Fair Debt Collection Procedures and Practices
NFS is not a lender nor do we get involved in any debt collection proceedings.

We do require all lenders associated with NFS to follow all Fair Debt Collection Procedures which includes but not limited to:

  • No phone calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Not to behave unprofessionally. A lender shall not harass, upset or use inapproprate language when communicating with any borrower
  • Do not deceive a borrower with any form of falsification during the debt collection process.
  • Do not make legal or any threats towards any borrower without the legal authority to do so.

Local And Federal Lending Laws and Guidelines
NFS and it's lenders are committed to following all State and Federal laws which fall under the Truth In Lending laws. NFS does not purposely market products and services in states that forbid a particular service. We do however notify the customer upon submission of his/her application if there is any violations noted.

NFS requires all lenders involved in the processing of a Borrower's application to stricly adhere to all guidelines and/or any present and future FDCPA Statutes. If any lender is found to violate such agreement with NFS we will immediately terminate any present and future business with this lender as well as report them to the FTC.